D1 Basketball

D1 Basketball Mission Statement:

Established in 2013, D1 Basketball Academy, D1 Shooters and D1 Elite is a premier training academy in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. D1 provides skill training, basketball education, and leadership opportunities for ALL children. At D1 Basketball, children are given opportunities to maximize their talent, grow within the sport of basketball, and develop leadership qualities for success both on and off the court.

D1 Basketball Culture:

  • D1 Coaches teach basic fundamentals of basketball, progressing toward more advanced skill-work so that the players grow into skilled and intelligent basketball players
  • D1 bases its reputation on reliability, expertise, and professionalism
  • D1 Coaches lead with integrity, discipline, and an unwavering work ethic, which the players learn and want to model
  • D1 training includes ongoing evaluation and feedback to adapt specific skills, strength and conditioning protocols to best fit each player's needs
  • D1 offers a consistent curriculum to teach offensive and defensive plays
  • D1 accepts all genders and ages
  • D1 keeps in contact with local school district's coaching staff to ensure that D1 players are aware of the district basketball standards
  • D1 provides weekly skills training, individual private training, practices, open court games, and evaluations
  • D1 Academy players participate in the top leagues in the Dallas/Fort Worth area
  • D1 Shooters Select players participate in the top leagues and tournaments in the Dallas/Fort Worth area
  • D1 Elite players participate in the top National leagues and National tournaments across the United States