D1 Basketball

Erroll Eaton

D1 Team and Skills Coach

Energetic, passionate, and driven are just a few things that describe Erroll Eaton. And basketball has always been an avenue where he shared those qualities with family, friends and former coaches. After being away from the basketball scene for almost 12 years, Coach Eaton returned in the winter of 2013, coaching his sons in a recreational league in Frisco, Texas.

His return was sparked after noticing that a number of kids in the recreational league were left with volunteers with little to no coaching and/or basketball experience. After learning and discussing the concerns of many parents he decided to take on more teams, helping those parents and kids seeking more fundamental instruction of the game.

Coach Eaton's own fundamental growth began at a young age as he played in a number of youth leagues starting in 5th grade. That growth continued through junior high school and high school until he was sidelined with an injury for his last 2 years of high school. While in college Coach Eaton made it a personal decision to not play collegiately and focused instead on his academics. He currently holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering.

While working on his graduate degree, he continued to play in intramural leagues and local tournaments, harnessing his knack for the game. When the opportunity arose, Coach Eaton was selected to be an assistant with his alma mater under the helm of a former D1 basketball coach from Dartmouth and Holy Cross. That experience provided Coach Eaton with the insight and know how of a D1 basketball program. He carried that experience to a D1 junior college for his final collegiate coaching experience where he had an opportunity to train and coach the league's conference player of the year. Coach Eaton feels honored and privileged to bring his experience to the D1 family.

Coaching Experience:

**D1 Basketball Academy Coach (May 2014-Present)

**SUNY Canton College Assistant Coach (1998-1999)

---->Runner Up 1999 Conference Champions

---->Regular Season Conference Champions

---->Coached Conference Player of the Year

**Clarkson University Assistant Coach and Recruiter (1995-1998)

---->Aided in Princeton Offense Installation

---->Aided in Match-Up Zone Defense Installation

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