D1 Basketball

Ola Mayowa

D1 Skills Coach

Ola Mayowa's passion for coaching basketball began after his collegiate career in 2003. In 2004, Coach Mayowa was invited to run a practice for a friend as a favor. From that moment, Coach Mayowa developed a greater passion to teach basketball rather than to play.

Coach Mayowa played for John F. Kennedy High School in Richmond, California. He excelled at the high school level earning him the opportunity to play for Stillman College, a DIII historically black college. Coach Mayowa elected to transfer to the University of Alabama with the hopes of walking on. Three years later he transferred. After a private workout, Coach Mayowa received an opportunity and earned a spot on the team. However, his athletic career at the University of Alabama was short lived due to eligibility.

Although Coach Mayowa's collegiate path didn't pan out as expected, it provided him with the expertise to be effective in what he would discover was his true passion. From 2003 to 2005 he began working with local churches and youth teams mentoring young men and at-risk adolescents. In 2005 Coach Mayowa started a mentoring program to further exercise his talent for molding young minds on and off the court. In 2007 his corporate career moved him out of the state of Alabama and the mentoring program was terminated as a result. Coach Mayowa relocated to Texas in 2010 and joined D1 in 2018. His approach remains the same. He teaches that success on and off the court is only achieved through commitment, hard work, and determination. He wants to instill in those he works with that if success is achieved by any other means, it's not sustainable.

Playing Experience:

**John F. Kennedy High School

**Stillman College

**University of Alabama

Coaching Experience:

**D1 Basketball Academy Coach (2018-Present)

Contact Information: