D1 Basketball

Wayne Carr

D1 Team and Skills Coach

Wayne Carr was born in Brooklyn, New York, but moved to Dublin, Georgia at age 10. At that time, Coach Carr found his passion with football. However, during the summer before 8th grade, he broke his wrist and couldn't play football, so he started learning how to play basketball. Coach Carr discovered that he was good at basketball and made his 8th grade team. His competitive nature pushed him to learn more about the game and Coach Carr started watching all the great players on tv to increase his basketball IQ. The more he worked on his craft, the better he became.

Coach Carr made the Varsity team his freshman year in both football and basketball. He was determined to be a starter and worked hard to show the coach on his high school varsity team. During his freshman year in basketball, he moved up from being the 6th man off the bench to being a starter. When the opportunity came for him to get out on the court, he gave it his all. He said to himself, "Whoever I go in for, they won't be coming back in for me." Coach Carr elevated his IQ each year in both sports, but chose to take a scholarship in football to Fort Valley State University.

Coach Carr enjoys working with our youth to help build not only athletes, but also to provide them with a foundation that will help them attract success by thinking with an "end in mind" mentality both on and off the court.

Playing Experience:

**East Laurens High School

---->Rookie Award: Football and Basketball (1983)

---->Most Improved Player Award (1984)

---->All American Heart of Georgia (1985)

---->All Star Georgia Team Award (1985)

---->MVP Award (1985)

---->MVP All-Star Award (1986)

---->MVP Award Christmas Tournament (1986)

---->Athlete of the Year Award: Basketball and Football (1986)

Coaching Experience:

**D1 Basketball Academy Coach (2014-present)

**Pangos All-American Frosh-Soph Coach (2015-present)

Contact Information: